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Connecting Our Community

Keystone Business Partners

Keystone Business Partners - A Partnership for Good in Our Community 

If you care about vital human services in our community -- basic needs, youth, family and senior programming - JOIN US. 


  • A cash contribution 
  • Sponsor an event 
  • Provide in-kind services 


  • Volunteer opportunities for you and your team
  • Exclusive social networking events with other businesses who support Keystone's mission
  • The opportunity to support people in your community who are most in need


  • Help individuals and families be self-sufficient, stable and successful
  • Help children and teens develop the confidence and competencies needed to succeed 
  • Help seniors remain living in the community of their choice with dignity and self-determination

To learn more…

Contact: Jen Winterfeldt, Director of Community Relations, Keystone Community Services at 651-603-6650 or